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Clone Wars

You may be looking for the gear with the same name.

Advanced Recon Commando lieutenant, or ARC trooper lieutenant, was a rank in Grand Army of the Republic. Lieutenants were the first ARC troopers and were the most common ARC troopers.


Advanced Recon Commando lieutenants were deployed to many places, and they were the most common trooper. They were seen during the Battle of Muunilinst helping Captain Fordo defeat General Grievous. They were also seen on Kamino helping their fellow troopers defeat the attacking Separatists.


ARC trooper lieutenants had the same Phase II ARC trooper armor as regular ARC troopers did, but it had blue markings on it. In the video game Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, the outfit was most likely based on Commander Havoc, who was not a lieutenant, but had blue markings.



Advanced Recon Commando
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