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Atin Skirata
Home World:



c. 32 BBY


Human (clone)




1.83 meters

Hair color:


Eye color:





Clone Wars

Atin Skirata was a clone commando in Omega Squad during the Clone Wars.


While training, Atin revived many scars. Partly from his regular training but also because of the fact that his trainer, Walon Vau was a ruthless training sergeant, forcing the clones to either fight each other or to fight him. Atin refused to fight his brothers so he decided to combat Vau, with Vau almost killing him with his Mandalorian saber.

Death of his SquadEdit

Atin was a soldier in Prudii Squad, but everyone but him died at the first battle of Genosis, causing him to be reassigned. Afterwards Atin got a case of survivor's guilt, Walon Vau slashed the commando with his knife leaving a scar stretching from his right eye to the left side of Atin's chin. Soon after these events took place, he became a soldier in the newly formed squad known as Omega Squad consisting of himself, Darman Skirata, Fi Skirata, and Niner Skirata.


Three months after the first battle of Genosis took place, he and the rest of Omega Squad went on a mission to Qiilura. Where he helped capture the Separatist scientist, Doctor Ovolot Qail Uthan. However during the mission he was injured by the Separatist captain Hurati.

Galactic City Spaceport Hostage SiegeEdit

After another month had past, Atin helped in the defeat of the Korunnai terrorists.

Mission to the Coruscant-Perlemian IntersectionEdit

During the Mission to the Coruscant-Perlemian Intersection, Omega Squad captured some terrorists that were allied with a terror cell on Coruscant. They were assigned with another squad of commandos named Delta Squad, and also a trooper named Kal Skirata, in order to destroy the terrorist network. While on the mission Atin met with Walon Vau again. A member of Delta Squad nicknamed "Sev" who had also trained under Vau had a uneasy feeling about Atin, but Kal made them cooperate. After the end of the mission Atin engaged Vau wearing only a black body suit and armed only with a standard commando vibroblade was able to get into a position where he could kill Vau. But befor Atin could strike the death blow Bardan Jusik, a Jedi Padawan came in and used the force to separated them, and ordered Atin to stand down. While on the Coruscation mission Atin became romantically involved with a Twi'lek waitress named Laseema.

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