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Blast Shield
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Clone Wars[1]


These blast shields were used by clone troopers of the 501st Legion and a unit under the command of Commander Doom. They were carried during the Battle of Ringo Vinda[1] in 20 BBY.[2]


The shield was made of a blaster-proof material. It was strong enough to withstand and deflect strong sustained hits from blaster fire, but was also light enough to be held with one arm. It was often used in conjunction with a DC-15S blaster carbine. The shield would be held in front, with the trooper looking through a viewport. With the other hand, the trooper would fire his blaster.[1]

The shape of the shield was roughly rectangular, but with slanted edges at the bottom and top. It was gray and had a large white Republic symbol painted on, though it was often marked by black spots due to hits from blaster fire. It also had a viewport near the top for vision. On the back, there were two vertical handholds running horizontally below the viewport for a trooper to grasp. However, there was also a horizontal grip running vertically, allowing multiple ways to hold to shield. The height was up to the neck of a standing trooper when placed on the floor, and one had to kneel down for it to fully cover them.[1]


  • The blast shields' shape and size closely resemble that of modern-day ballistic shields. It also has a viewport through the top, further boosting the resemblance.[3]


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20 BBY[2]
Battle of Ringo Vinda[1]


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