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Clone Wars


Boost was a clone trooper in the Wolfpack during the Clone Wars who served under Commander Wolffe and Jedi Master Plo Koon. Boost was known for his positive outlook, even in the worst of situations.


Search for the MalevolenceEdit

In 22 BBY, Plo Koon was sent to investigate a weapon that had destroyed several Republic fleets. Plo Koon was accompanied by Commander Wolffe, Boost and Sinker. After finding the Malevolence, the ship fired it's weapon that rendered their ship, the Triumphant, without any energy. The Malevolence started firing it's turbolasers, which destroyed all the ships in Koon's fleet, but the Jedi had his troopers evacuate into an escape pod before their ship was destroyed. Inside the escape pod, Plo Koon told his clones that they had only life support working and nothing else. Boost kept positive and hoped that someone would search for them, but Sinker was doubtful as to their fate. Boost noticed another escape pod, but the clones inside were dead and the pod damaged. After being noticed by rocket battle droids, Wolffe stayed inside while Koon, Boost and Sinker went outside to fight the droids. Koon contacted Ahsoka Tano to rescue them and were rescued.

Boost served with other missions with the Wolfpack, such as when they were trying to recapture Felucia from General Grievous, on a mission to aide the planet Aleen and when Wolfpack rescued enslaved Torgrutas from the Kiros system.

Armor and EquipmentEdit

Boost's Phase I clone trooper armor had dark maroon colorings on it, as was the other members of Wolfpack. After losing almost all of the other members, Wolfpack changed their armor coloration to grey. On the helmet was a face of a wolf. With his Phase II clone trooper armor, he had the Wolfpack symbol on the back of his gauntlets, a grey wolf face on his helmet, and grey markings under his visor. Boost had a Mohawk similar to what Gree had and scars on his face from a battle.



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