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Clone Wars

A battlefront in the Clone Wars

The Clone Wars were started in 22 BBY and ended in 19 BBY. It was the Republic against the Separatists (Confederacy of Independent Systems), led by Chancellor Palpatine and Count Dooku. The main soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic were clone troopers, and the main soldiers of the Separatists were B1 Battle Droids.


The Clone Wars was started when Count Dooku captured Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, and Obi-Wan Kenobi and sent them to Geonosis. They managed to escape capture from three deadly animals (Reek, Nexu, and an Acklay), and two-thousand Jedi came to rescue them. Dooku, Poggle the Lesser, and many other Separatist leader led their forces into battle against the Jedi. Many Jedi died during the skirmish, and was next major death of Jedi next to the Battle of Ruusan, thousands of years ago. Suddenly, after the denial of surrender by the Jedi, Grandmaster Yoda brought clone troopers to the Geonosian Arena. The battle was then moved outside to the Geonosian plains and the Battle of Geonosis was started, as was the Clone Wars.


Battle of GeonosisEdit

The first battle in the Clone Wars was the Battle of Geonosis. The commanders of the Separatists were Count Dooku, Nute Gunray, Passel Argente, Wat Tambor, Shu Mai, San Hill, and Poggle the Lesser. The Republic leaders were the Jedi Order, higher-ranking clone troopers, Lok Revenants, and Mere Resistance (Lok Revenants and Mere Resistance are pirate groups). It was also the first major battle of the Clone Wars. There was a space battle, as well as a ground battle. The ground battle was ultimately led by Count Dooku and Yoda. The forces fought, and after a long, hard battle, the Republic. That was the start of the Clone Wars. Afterward, clone troopers were dispersed to random corners of the galaxy to fight for the Republic and to restore peace to the galaxy again.

22 BBYEdit

Events in 22 BBY related to clone troopers:

  • Battle of Christophsis
  • Battle of Teth
  • Raid on Ziro the Hutt's Coruscant club
  • Battle of Akoshissss
  • Mission to Rugosa
  • Battle of Phu system
  • Battle of Abregado
  • Battle of Ryndelli system
  • Battle of Kaliida Nebula
  • Mission to Kynachi
  • Battle of Rishi Moon
  • Battle of Mimban
  • Battle of Falleen
  • Battle of Bothawui
  • Battle fo Agomar
  • Battle of Korriban
  • Mission to Zigoola
  • Battle of Ryloth
  • Mission to suspected Confederate space
  • Mission to Skytop Station
  • Mission to Rodia
  • Rescue on the Tranquility
  • Mission to Vassek's third moon
  • Skirmish at Vanqor
  • Mission to Florrum
  • Sky Battle of Quell
  • Defense of Maridun
  • Skirmish on Orto Plutonia
  • Battle of Orto Plutonia
  • Raid on Nuvo Vindi's laboratory
  • Battle of Juma 9
  • Mission Alzoc III
  • Battle of Raxus Prime
  • Mission to Aargua
  • Second Battle of Alaris Prime
  • Second Battle Rhen Var
  • First Battle of Ossus
  • Battle of Sivvi
  • Battle of Thule
  • Second Battle of Mirgoshir
  • Battle of Agamar
  • First Battle of Kamino
  • Battle of Ohma-D'un
  • Battle of Teyr
  • Battle of Lianna
  • Battle of Pengalan IV
  • Mission to Qiilura
  • Galactic City spaceport hostage siege
  • Battle of Cyphar
  • Battle of Axion
  • Battle of unidentified planet (Yoda's charge)
  • Battle of Dantooine
  • Battle of Mon Calamari
  • Duel on Yavin 4
  • Battle of Argul
  • Battle of Brentaal IV
  • Battle of Esseles
  • Battle of Iktotch
  • Battle of Nadiem
  • Mission to Omphalos
  • Mission to Ord Mantel
  • Battle of Aridka
  • Mission to Devaron
  • Battle of unidentified planet (Xiaan Amersu)
  • Battle of Haruun Kal
  • Battle of Lorshan Pass
  • Battle of Pelek Baw
  • Battle of Amaltanna
  • Battle of Drongar
  • Battle of Bassadro
  • Battle of Ord Canfre
  • Battle of Dagu
  • Mission to Black Stall Station
  • Battle of Malastare
  • Zillo Beast incident
  • First Battle of Valahari
  • Second Battle of Valahari
  • Battle of unidentified planet (Aqualish Jedi)
  • Battle of Hexus system
  • Battle of Veil Nebula

21 BBYEdit

20 BBYEdit

  • Battle of Cato Nemodia
  • Battle of Scipio
  • Mission to Utapau
  • Second Battle of Dathomir
  • Battle for Anaxes
  • Third Battle of Mygeeto

19 BBYEdit

  • Battle of Mygeeto
  • Third Battle of Felucia
  • Battle of Utapau
  • Battle of Kashyyyk

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