Clone Wars Adventures
CWA (2)

Sony Online Entertainment




September 15, 2010

Clone Wars Adventures was a free-play online game based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series. Since its release in September of 2010, it included levels up to the fifth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. On March 31, 2014, the game was shut down.

About this gameEdit

In this free game, you started out as either a human, Twi'lek, or clone trooper with padawan robes or armor if you chose clone trooper, 1000 Republic Credits, and 199 Station Cash. After that, you could play minigames or other games and earn credits. With those credits, you could buy weapons, outfits, droids, and houses. However, if you wanted special equipment and offers, you could pay a monthly fee or other fee for membership called a Jedi Membership. However, in the last 2 months of the game, every single player was granted a Jedi Membership for free.

Time periodUS $UK £Station Cash
1 month$5.99£3.99599 SC
3 months$14.99£8.991499 SC
6 months$26.99£18.992699 SC
12 months (now unavailable)$39.99£25.993,999 SC
Lifetime (now unavailable)$49.99£39.994,999 SC

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