Grading system
Class 1 - Class 2 - Class 3 - Class 4
Class 1 noms - Class 2 noms
Class 3 noms - Class 4 noms
Class 1 articles - Class 2 articles
Class 3 articles - Class 4 articles
{{Class1}} - {{Class2}}
{{Class3}} - {{Class4}}
Class 1 articles are the best articles on Clone Trooper Wiki. They contain the most information and the best sources. Currently, there are 86 articles that are Class 1. Some Class 1 articles are featured articles, and there are currently 30 articles in the category.

The requirements to achieve Class 1 is as follows:

  • Must follow all policies
  • Must be well written
  • Must be categorized
  • Must be referenced
  • Must be added to the Finished articles category
    • Must follow the Finished articles rules
  • Must have an accurate timeline
  • Must have sources and appearances
  • Must have an infobox
  • If possible, should have a picture
  • Make the text the best quality possible!
To nominate an article, please go to the nominations page.

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