This page lists out all the current projects that need to be finished. They will mostly be carried out and completed by this wiki's special editors, but all users can help with this.

Current Projects:

  • Add all articles to their right class
    • Check out the page for the classes.
  • Source all the photos
    • Self-explanatory
  • Finish the regulations
    • This will mostly be done by the COs and are the same thing as the policies.
  • Remove the {{Ul}} templates
    • We are trying to replace the U1 template so we can just use * on infoboxes.
  • Add the {{Assumption}} template to all necessary pages.
    • The new template needs to be utilized
  • Change the name of Battle of Ringo Vinda to the Ringo Vinda campaign.

Completed Projects:

  • Removing the {{CUSWE}} template is completed!
  • Completing multiple stubs for spotlight is completed!

Sign UpEdit

Leave your name under each project if you would like to help:

Adding articles to classEdit

User:Maurice.136 - Corporal

Sourcing photosEdit

Finishing regulationsEdit

Remove {{Ul}} templatesEdit

Adding {{Assumption}} templateEdit

Ringo Vinda nameEdit

617th Attack Battalion
PrivateCorporalSergeantSergeant Major2nd Lieutenant
1st LieutenantCaptainMajorBattalion Commander
Regimental CommanderSenior CommanderMarshal Commander
617th Attack Battalion - Kotep Squad - Nerra Squad
Operations and Projects
Operation Ghost ID
Roster - Commando Terms - Projects - Sign Up
Awards - Birthdates - Commanding Officers - Comlink Manual


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