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In order to sign up as a member of the 617th Attack Battalion, simply leave your name in this list and you will automatically be titled as a cadet, if you meet the requirements. This page will be regularly cleaned up and monitored so that the "Sign Up" section does not get filled up. Have fun!

Official Notice

By signing up, or notifying any other user that you are joining the 617th Attack Battalion, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions stated in the Regulations for Clone Trooper Wiki. Changes may be made at anytime, without prior notice (this will take effect immediately after a wiki-wide notice is made, informing all editors that the regs are officially finished). No notice needs to be made to any changes, but all major changes will usually be announced.

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617th Attack Battalion
PrivateCorporalSergeantSergeant Major2nd Lieutenant
1st LieutenantCaptainMajorBattalion Commander
Regimental CommanderSenior CommanderMarshal Commander
617th Attack Battalion - Kotep Squad - Nerra Squad
Operations and Projects
Operation Ghost ID
Roster - Commando Terms - Projects - Sign Up
Awards - Birthdates - Commanding Officers - Comlink Manual


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