Clone pilot
Clone pilot (gear)
Based off of:

Clone pilot Hawk


25 SC (Helmet)

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"Specially designed for both ground and starfighter pilots, the clone trooper pilot armor is the sure sign of steady hands guiding a vehicle against the Separatist menace"
―The promotional statement[src]


The clone pilot is a gear used by clone troopers. Released on April 22, 2011, it was based off the clone pilot Hawk. It costs 25 Station Cash, and the only difference between it and the clone trooper gear is that the helmet is different. The helmet has blue and red markings with hawks on either side of the helmet.


  • Helmet - 25 Station Cash


Clone Pilot HelmetEdit

  • Brass Sheets - 7
  • Molytex Roll - 5
  • Demicot Silk Fabric - 3
  • Nickel Bar - 1
  • Gold Nanite - 2 (9 Station Cash per Gold Nanite)



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