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Clone trooper sergeant
action figure



$9.99 (


The Black Series

Assortment Number:


UPC Number:

6 53569 88034 9

  • Removable helmet
  • DC-15 blaster
  • DC-15 blaster rifle
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"Distinguished from other troopers by his green rank markings, this clone sergeant fought for the Republic in the Battle of Geonosis."
―Description on the rear of the package.[src]

The clone trooper sergeant 3¾ inch Star Wars: The Black Series action figure was released in early 2013. It features a removable helmet, a DC-15A blaster rifle and DC-15S blaster rifle.


This figure comes in a mostly-rectangular box with the trooper attached to the front. On the backside, reads the quote above, and lists the trooper as #2. Under that is a grayscale photo of clone trooper ranks, and the official description at the bottom.

Moving PartsEdit

  • Ball-jointed neck
  • 2 ball-jointed shoulders
  • 2 ball-jointed elbows
  • 2 ball-jointed wrists
  • Ball-jointed waist
  • 2 ball-jointed legs
  • 2 ball-jointed knees
  • 2 ball-jointed ankles


  • The green markings on the clone trooper were toned, making the appearance much better than earlier releases.

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