Total soldiers:

165 soldiers plus support personnel[1]

Unit under:



A company was a unit of clone troopers that usually consisted of 144 troopers.[1] It was led by a clone captain; the other NCOs and officers were 16 sergeants and 4 lieutenants, who led the smaller units.[1]

A company was also a unit in the Special Operations Brigade. They consisted of 100 clone commandos.[2]


Companies were a common size and frequently used during the Clone Wars. Corps were commonly broken down into hundreds of companies, focusing on speed and used as quick raiding parties on enemy locations.[1] Companies were often simply standard infantry companies, but occasionally consisted of specialized troopers, such as the 2nd Airborne Company.[3]

It was uncommon for SOB companies to be deployed as a single unit. Company barracks existed, but in combat, clone commandos fought in squads of 4.[2]


A company in the GAR consisted of 4 platoons, or 16 squads, for a total of 144 troopers. A company totaled 165 troopers with command personnel, and also had support units attached to it. 4 companies made a battalion.[1]

In the Special Operations Brigade, a company was the second smallest and second biggest unit, consisting of five troops. A commando group was made of 5 companies.[2]

Notable CompaniesEdit




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