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Cooker, 2242, or CT-2242 was a clone sharpshooter within Green Company


On the planet Geonosis, Green Company was assigned a mission to take back a Geonosian mine, However, the mine was heavily protected by Geonosian drones, who used sonic powered blasters, a type of energy which Kit Fisto's saber could not deflect properly. Fisto's solution to this, was to have a sniper, out of the drone's range, who would fire his blaster rifle at him, a weapon which could be deflected by a lightsaber. Jedi Master Kit Fisto asked the Green Company Commander for his best sniper in order to assist him in the mission. The commander assigned Cooker, who upon the request of the Jedi, aimed for Fisto's shoulder, using this tactic, the trooper and the general were able to clear the area of Geonosian drones.

Armor and EquipmentEdit

Cooker wore plain white Phase I clone trooper armor. His helmet had a large scratch cutting across his visor, almost appearing as a scar.

He carried a long-range DC-15A blaster rifle with a sniper scope on top.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Cooker had a rather odd enjoyment of watching droids burn or "cook", from which he got his nickname from. However, he was not shy about it and only slightly hesitated when revealing it to Kit Fisto.

He was an exceptional sniper, able to constantly hit droid power cells, and only stopped when he ran out of blaster bolts to fire and had to reload.

Sources Edit


  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Gauntlet of Death

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