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Clone Wars

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Fives, formally CT-5555, but also CT-27-5555 and ARC-5555, was an ARC trooper during the Clone Wars. He was a clone of Jango Fett and was born on the planet Kamino. He got the nickname "Fives" because of the many fives in his designation, CT-5555.

History Edit

Training Edit


Cadets Fives and Echo

Fives was a trainee on Kamino to become a soldier. He was on the Domino Squad for his training for the Citadel Challenge. They failed a few times during practice but they also failed on the real test initially. Bric suggested that they should become maintenance crew members. The second time, they successfully passed.

Rishi Moon InfiltrationEdit

Fives was a "shiny" due to him just getting his armor. Commando droids infiltrated the outpost when they thought it was a meteor shower. Captain Rex and Commander Cody went down and helped them. Cutup then was eaten by the Rishi Eel. After the battle, Fives along with Echo became part of the 501st legion. Echo and Fives though, were the only ones left in the Domino Squad.

Back on KaminoEdit

Fives came to Kamino after the Rishi Moon infiltration because there was going to be an attack on the planet. Fives was shooting the droids at the barracks. 99 died after he was trying to get grenades.

Lola SayuEdit


Fives on Lola Sayu

Fives went to Lola Sayu after he was promoted to being an ARC Trooper. He rescued the prisoners and then they tried going to the shuttle. Echo tried to defend it but was severely injured and thought dead when the shuttle exploded. This clearly affected Fives, as he and Echo were great friends. After their failed attempt on extraction they went to the next rendezvous point where the gunships would pick them up.


In 21 BBY, Fives participated in one of the most notable battles under General Skywalker, but when Anakin was called back to Coruscant, General Pong Krell was put in charge of the 501st. Krell's reckless strategy forced the 501st to retreat in a disastrous failure to take the capital via the main road.

Taking the airbaseEdit

When the 501st was tasked with taking an Umbaran airbase, Captain Rex discussed the plan with his troops. Fives and Jesse openly protested against Krell's orders, provoking a lot of commotion. Rex was able to stop the protests, and they continued down the gorge, where they were attacked by Umbaran IATs. Using rocket launchers and thermal detonators, the clone troopers were able to destroy them. However, the Umbarans counter attacked with Mobile Heavy Cannons, which missile launchers could not destroy. The MHCs obliterated the clones, and Rex sent Fives and Hardcase to steal a pair of Umbaran starfighters. They sneaked into the airbase and took the fighters, destroying a lot of equipment due to them firing the blasters recklessly. They eventually reached the cannons, where they destroyed the MHCs using the heavy blasters on their fighters.

Destroying the Supply ShipEdit

Krell devised a terrible plan to destroy the Umbaran supply ship. However, knowing that the plan would lead to heavy casualties and almost certain failure, Jesse, Hardcase, and Fives disobeyed orders to destroy the supply ship. They took three Umbaran starfighters and flew into the giant supply ship, avoiding damage because the enemy thought they were Umbarans. By blowing up the main reactor, they destroyed the ship. Hardcase died in doing this heroic action, but when Jesse and Fives came back, they were court-martialed. Rex persuaded Krell to dissolve the court-martial, but Krell instead ordered an execution. When a squad was assembled to shoot them, Fives mentioned how soldiers should be rewarded for heroic actions. The clones pulled the trigger, but every shot missed. The clones dropped their rifles and walked off.

Capturing KrellEdit

Krell ordered Rex and Dogma to see him. Fives' and Jesse's execution was to be delayed because Krell had received a transmission about enemy guerrillas hiding in the forests. When the clones realized this was a lie and that the guerrillas in clone armor were actually clones, they decided to arrest Krell for treason. Fives and Jesse were taken out of the brig and they along with the rest of the 501st went to arrest Krell. Krell killed many clones and escaped into the forest. After multiple small fights, the clone troopers were able to arrest Krell due to Tup's clever thinking. The clones put Krell in the brig, where the former Jedi revealed that he was a Sith. The clones discussed what to do with Krell, and finally decided that he was too dangerous to be kept alive. Rex tried to shoot Krell, but couldn't bring himself to kill him. Abruptly, Dogma shot Krell in the back using the blaster pistol inside of Fives's holster.

Battle of Ringo VindaEdit


Fives during the Battle of Ringo Vinda

Around 20 BBY the 501st Legion along with Doom's Unit was shipped out to the planet Ringo Vinda. In the midst of battle on a space station encircling the entire planet, Fives was almost shot by a damaged battle droid. However, Tup pushed him out of the way and blasted the droid, saving his comrade's life. The troopers fought to the communications center, where Jedi generals Anakin Skywalker, Tiplee and Tiplar discussed the battle plan. As they were about to move out, Tup started showing strange signs. Fives asked him what it was about, but Tup denied it.

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The troopers began the battle for Admiral Trench's command post, where they encountered heavy resistance. Fives watched as Tup, in a trance-like state, approached General Tiplar and shot her in the head. He immediately knocked down Tup and held him down. Tiplee ran to her sister's lifeless body. With only one Jedi general still fighting, and the troopers in disarray, the Republic forces were crippled. They retreated back to the communications center they had already taken.

Skywalker, Tiplee and some clones questioned Tup on his actions. He repeatedly stated that "good soldiers follow orders", completely oblivious to their questions. He ran to try to attack Tiplee, but she pushed him into the back wall using her Force abilities, and Tup passed out.

They took him to a medical bay where he stated that he didn't know what he had done. He struggled while in the bed, saying that he would never kill a Jedi general. He medical droid gave him an injection to sustain him, and Fives and the others with him talked outside of the room. Kix, the medic, believed that Tup would have to be transported back to Kamino for a full examination.

However, Tup's convoy was ambushed by droid forces and he was taken to a portion of the space station occupied by them. Skywalker, Rex, and Fives were sent in a shuttle to investigate, where they concluded that the Separatists must have taken Tup, and that they also must have been responsible his his crazy actions.

They flew to the hangar where Tup was being held, and space walked over. After seeing all the droids, they decided that attacking the hangar would get Rex and Fives killed. Fives came up with a new plan and attached a grappling gun to his DC-17 hand blaster. Rex followed suit, and as the shuttle left the hangar, they shot their cables and flew with it. They climbed to the hull, where they opened the back door. After blasting though several commando droids, they found Tup in the shuttle. After examining his condition, Rex said that Tup was dying, the took him back to their base of operations where he was loaded onto a frigate.

Fives asked Rex if he could accompany him, as he was his best friend. Rex allowed this, and the two trooper boarded the frigate with Tup, headed to their home world of Kamino.

Death Edit


Fives's death.

Fives accompanied Tup back to Kamino where he died. Fives investigated the circumstances of Tup's death which led him to discover control chips implanted in clones at the earliest stages of life. The trooper attempted to bring this information to Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, only to discover he was behind all of it. Fives retreated from the Chancellor and ended up at 79's, a bar known as a "clone bar". He found Kix and Jesse there, where he confronted Kix about the chips and the plot. Fives asked Kix to have General Skywalker and Rex meet him in the lower levels, a request Kix accepted. Fives met the General and Rex there, but they were followed by Fox and his Coruscant Guard troops. Fox ordered Fives to surrender but Fives took Rex's blaster pistol and aimed at Fox, a gesture Fox felt as hostility and fired. Fives fell to the ground but before dying spoke to Rex. He died in Rex's arms.

Battle for AnaxesEdit

After Fives's death, sometime during the end of the Clone Wars, Captain Rex had mentioned him and Echo that were the only ones he told about his algorithm during the Battle for Anaxes.

Armor and EquipmentEdit

Fives originally wore the white armor of all clone troopers. After joining the 501st Legion, Fives customized his armor with blue markings and a Z-6 rotary cannon picture on his thigh plate to honor Hevy. When he got promoted to an ARC trooper, he was equipped with ARC trooper armor. He had the same blue markings, but he also had his Kama and extra armor personalized. His helmet design resembles a Rishi Eel, the creature that ate his friend Cutup.


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