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Fives (ARC trooper gear)
Based off of:

Phase I ARC version of Fives

  • 1900 RC (Armor)
  • 300 RC (Boots)
  • 300 RC (Gloves)
  • 800 Republic Credits (Helmet)
  • 600 RC (Clone Rifle)
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"After proving himself as a cadet in Domino Squad, Fives went on to earn this ARC Trooper Armor."
―The promotional statement[src]

Fives's (AKA CT-27-5555) armor was a Phase I version of his ARC trooper armor available for purchase as a gear in the Clone Wars Adventures online video game.


  • Armor - 1900 Republic Credits
  • Boots - 300 Republic Credits
  • Gloves - 300 Republic Credits
  • Helmet - 800 Republic Credits
  • Clone trooper blaster rifle - 600 Republic Credits


  • Surprisingly, there is no crafting option available for Fives' Phase I ARC trooper gear.



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