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Galactic Marines
Galactic Marines
Main soldiers:


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The Galactic Marines, or the 21st Nova Corps,[10] was a unit of clone troopers in the Fourth Outer Rim Army[11] during the Clone Wars. It was led by Commander Bacara and Ki-Adi-Mundi.[1]


Battle of New Bornalex

The Galactic Marines were first seen in the Battle of New Bornalex.[1] In this battle, they used the space trooper power suits, a new armor for clones. While using it, the armor malfunctioned and their weapons did not work. In an attempt to survive, they fought off super battle droids with their bare hands, earning them a great reputation.[1]

Battle of Mygeeto

"General Ki-Adi-Mundi, we have been summoned to Mygeeto. There is trouble with the Banking Clan..."
Bacara notifying General Ki-Adi-Mundi

In 19 BBY,[3] the Galactic Marines were deployed to Mygeeto under the command of Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi. While fighting, Commander Bacara received a transmission from Chancellor Palpatine, during which he learned Order 66 was just issued. Order 66 required the clones to kill their Jedi leaders, branding them as traitors to the Republic. Because the clones were loyal to the Republic, and not the Jedi, they complied, and the Galactic Marines shot and killed Ki-Adi-Mundi.[3]

Battle of Toola

At the same time as the Battle of Mygeeto, detachments of the Marines were deployed on Toola under the command of Commander Keller and Jedi General Kai Hudorra. While on Toola, they too received Order 66 and attempted to kill General Hudorra. Unfortunately for them, the Jedi escaped. The Galactic Marines, determined to follow orders, hunted the Jedi over open terrain to Ithaqua Station using STAPs (Single Trooper Aerial Platforms). They created strict rules including curfew for the citizens in an attempt to find the hidden Jedi. They failed, as the Bothan Jedi escaped to Coruscant.[7]

They also fought on other planets including Rhen Var,[4] Aargonar,[5] and Boz Pity.[6]

The proud Galactic Marines continued to serve in 1 ABY, but the armor was only used in ceremonies, not in real combat.[9]

Armor and Equipment

Galactic Marines (2)

A Galactic Marine

The Galactic Marines wore armor with maroon-red[12] and white markings on them and were usually seen with DC-15A blaster rifles, but also used other weapons.[9] They had synthmesh on the visors on their helmets to keep unwanted material out of their view.[10]


"General Ki-Adi-Mundi, the troops are ready for deployment."
Bacara, with the men ready

The Galactic Marines were trained hard, and Bacara expected nothing but the best from his men, and the men who couldn't do it were reassigned, though Ki-Adi-Mundi didn't like it very much. They were trained to battle in a variety of environments including ground-level, underwater, space, and inside ships.[1]

Three phases made the Galactic Marines the most elite unit of clone troopers: Phase I - conditioning; Phase II - underwater and in-space ship battling; Phase III - marksmanship. These phases set these troopers apart from all others.[1]


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22 BBY
21 BBY
20 BBY
19 BBY
Second Battle of Rhen Var[4]
Battle of Mygeeto[2] (first time)
Battle of Aargonar[5]
Battle of Boz Pity[6]
Battle of New Bornalex[13]
Battle of Mygeeto[3] (second time)
Battle of Toola[7]


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