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CT-43/76-9155, also known as Jorir was a clone trooper major during the Clone Wars. He was a member of Squad Seven, an elite squad of cross-trained troopers who were trained by the famous Alpha-Class ARC Trooper Alpha-17.

History Edit

Jorir was a member of Squad Seven, and was the major of the squad. Though Commander Cody was mostly in charge of Squad Seven, Jorir was considered to be second in command after Cody.

Jorir and Squad Seven saw action towards the end of the Clone Wars while assisting Jedi General Kenobi in an offensive on the Trade Federation planet of Cato Neimoidia in attempt to capture the Trade Federation leader, Nute Gunray. As well, the Republic was after a important transmission that was sent to Gunray from Darth Sidious about future Confederacy plans.

Unfortunately, Gunray was able to escape from the battle, but Republic forces were able to secure the planet and obtain the message from Darth Sidious and the Republic discovered that the Dark Lord of the Sith was affiliated with corrdinating the Confederacy.

After the battle was won, Jorir withdrew from Cato Neimoidia with General Kenobi to allow General Plo Koon to finish out the Confederate forces remaining on the planet.

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