O'Niner's Squad
O'Niner's Squad


Notable member(s):

Rishi Moon Outpost

Unit(s) within:

Domino Squad


Clone Wars

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O'Niner's Squad was a clone trooper squad under the clone trooper sergeant O'Niner. The squad was responsible for running a small outpost on the Rishi Moon.

History Edit

O'Niner's squad was in charge of maintaining a listening post on a small moon in the Rishi System. O'Niner's sqaud was mostly made up of clones from the Domino Squad including Echo, Fives, Hevy, Droidbait, and Cutup. After the troopers graduated from cadet training, they went straight to the Rishi outpost because of the demand for clone troopers. O'Niner, the sergeant of the squad expressed greatly on the importance of the outpost because of its proximity to the clones' home planet of Kamino. While stationed at the listening post, Domino Squad was faced with a Separatist attack by commando droids.

The droids were able to commandeer the outpost, which resulted in the deaths of CT-327, Droidbait, Nub, and their sergeant. Echo, Fives, Cutup and Hevy were able to escape from the base. Cutup, however, was eaten by a Rishi eel. Meanwhile, clone commanders Cody and captain Rex were on their way to inspect the base, but came under fire from the commando droids. The two officers and remnants of O'Niner's Squad quickly retook the base but realized that reinforcements were on the way. With the troopers being way to overwhelmed by the separatist reinforcements, they decided to destroy the base to warn the Republic. the detonator used to detonate the base malfunctioned and Hevy had to detonate the remote manually, but took his life with him. The only two survivors of the Rishi incident were Fives and Echo. The two troopers were awarded for their valour in the fight by Rex, Cody, and Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker and were promoted to the 501st Legion.

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