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Sarlacc Battalion B


Main soldiers:

Clone troopers


Clone Wars


Sarlacc Battalion B was a battalion in the Sarlacc Brigade and 41st Elite Corps during the Clone Wars. Consisting of 576 troopers, this unit participated in the Battle of Dinlo along with Sarlacc Battalion A.


Formed on Kamino, the Sarlacc Battalion was created as a unit within the 41st Elite Corps. During the Battle of Dinlo, the Sarlacc Brigade, consisting of Sarlacc Battalions A and B, had attacked the Separatist forces and were behind enemy lines. The other Republic officials had decided to bomb the surface and destroy their enemies, but these battalions were stuck. Jedi General Etain Tur-Mukan, along with Improcco Company, volunteered to extract them from their current position. They did that, and Sarlacc Battalion B was saved, along with its twin company. During the battle, the casualties in Sarlacc Brigade was 94 killed and 215 wounded.


  • Republic Commando: Triple Zero



21 BBY
Skirmish at Dinlo

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