Special operations clone trooper armor
Used By:
  • Spec ops clone troopers[1]
  • Stealth ops troopers[2]

Clone Wars[1][2]


Special Operations clone trooper armor was the type of armor worn by special operations clone troopers. Its main component was the special helmet, which contained experimental communications gear.[1]


The spec ops armor generally consisted of regular clone trooper armor, but had a different helmet. This helmet contained experimental comms gear, and had integrated headphones on the sides. The headphones had small antennae above them that popped out when the trooper communicated.[1]

Some troopers had special communications backpacks, which had antennae, a crank box, and a microphone. A republic backpack could also be worn, and commanders were allowed to wear kamas, pauldrons, and holsters for DC-17 blaster pistols.[1]


The special operations armor used on Geonosis was painted with camouflage to match to match its deserts. It consisted of the colors yellow, tan, maroon, brown, and orange. The main color of the armor was tan, with yellow and maroon outlines on the plates. Occasional chevrons of brown were also painted on.[1]

Some stealth operations troopers had the same patterns, but the armor was instead painted black and gray. The majority of them, however, had plain gray armor with red markings on the headphones and white stripes on the top. Some troopers, such as Blackout and Spark, customized their helmets.[2]


  • Stealth operations clone trooper armor[2]



  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Cat and Mouse"
  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Landing at Point Rain"
  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Legacy of Terror" (Appears in flashback(s))
  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Weapons Factory"


  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Cat and Mouse"
  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Landing at Point Rain"


22 BBY[4]
Battle of Christophsis[2]
Second Battle of Geonosis[1]


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