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  • I live in MA
  • I was born on February 28
  • My occupation is playing csgo and editing wikia
  • I am hungry
  • Blyndblitz

    Check this out:

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  • Blyndblitz

    The ones we lost

    April 27, 2014 by Blyndblitz

    I found a video dedicated to all the brothers who perished as pawns in the Clone Wars for a order they did not know about. RIP, clone troopers. 

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  • Blyndblitz

    Wow, it has been a long time since I last did this. I just realized that Systems Army delta is already taken, so we have to get something else (sadly). We got our first Aurebesh page (Gree). Also, should we start pages about weapons? (I made a weapon infobox that we could use). The 212th Attack Battalion is so close to being class 2... I've got all the info I could find- just need to put a few more battles! Could someone reference Killer and Engle? Once they get referenced they can get promoted to class 1 =)

    Goore - pronounced GOO-ray, means grenade

    The SOB organization only has it for the clone commandoes... What about the ARCs, shadow troopers, and the Muunilist 10? I guess ARCs work alone.

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  • Blyndblitz

    There isn't really anything to talk about, but Legoclones made a page on an action figure. That's cool. Nothing else, except that I'm busy.

    • Buy'ce - helmet

    • The Dc-15s and Dc-15a are also repeating blasters. Basically they have automatic fire. Also, the ARF troops with Trauma all had the folding stocks on their blasters up.
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  • Blyndblitz

    Hi it's Blyndblitz. I'll start creating blogs every once in a while about stuff on wiki. I finished most of the introduction and stuff on the Kotep Squad page, but I need Legoclones to do the requirements (after all, he is the bureaucrat). I also think we should add ARC troopers and more units, because if Legoclones is a Marshal Commander, he should be leading a Corps, like the 76th Assault Corps or something. Also, a cool name for Systems Army the 617th is in could be Systems Army Delta. Alpha is already taken.

    • Ramikad - This is the Mando'a word for commando

    • BRB - this stands for Big Red Button. Funny, I know, but the BRB is the emergency hull seal.
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