July 13, 2013

News and ideas

Hi it's Blyndblitz. I'll start creating blogs every once in a while about stuff on wiki. I finished most of the introduction and stuff on the Kotep Squad page, but I need Legoclones to do the requirements (after all, he is the bureaucrat). I also think we should add ARC troopers and more units, because if Legoclones is a Marshal Commander, he should be leading a Corps, like the 76th Assault Corps or something. Also, a cool name for Systems Army the 617th is in could be Systems Army Delta. Alpha is already taken.

Mando'a word of the week

  • Ramikad - This is the Mando'a word for commando

Clone Military Fact

  • BRB - this stands for Big Red Button. Funny, I know, but the BRB is the emergency hull seal.

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