December 16, 2013

News and Ideas

Wow, it has been a long time since I last did this. I just realized that Systems Army delta is already taken, so we have to get something else (sadly). We got our first Aurebesh page (Gree). Also, should we start pages about weapons? (I made a weapon infobox that we could use). The 212th Attack Battalion is so close to being class 2... I've got all the info I could find- just need to put a few more battles! Could someone reference Killer and Engle? Once they get referenced they can get promoted to class 1 =)

Mando'a Word of the Week

Goore - pronounced GOO-ray, means grenade

Clone Military Fact

The SOB organization only has it for the clone commandoes... What about the ARCs, shadow troopers, and the Muunilist 10? I guess ARCs work alone.

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