So after doing some searching, I found an article written by a Michael D. about the development of clones in-universe and out-universe. Honestly, this article was very accurate and involved a lot of detail and some funny photos. It talks about each new piece of media that develops clones and their personalities. I heavily suggest you read it, it will greatly enlarge your perspective and knowledge on clone troopers. The link is here. If you search the website, there are more articles on Star Wars, clone troopers, commandos, opinions on authors and other such things.

Also, if you go here and vote at the poll at the side, the Republic Commando series has 267 votes (10%), and, as of 6/10/14 at 9:47, is 2nd overall by 1 vote (Old Republic w/ 268). So vote for Republic Commando and let the clone legacy live on!

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