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White Squad
White Squad


Notable member(s):

Clone Wars


White Squad was a squad of clone commando that served under the Grand Army of the Republic. The squad went on a mission six months after the Battle of Geonosis on the planet of Ord Mantell. An ARC trooper briefed White Squad and another squad of clone commandos, known as Blue Squad, on their objective. A group of Trandoshan mercenaries intercepted a package meant for Chancellor Sheev Palpatine.[3] The two squads were sent on a retrieval mission. Blue Squad was eliminated almost immediately. The remaining squad would search for the Trandoshans, who had retreated. The squad's pilot opened a door to discover the Trandoshans and several battle droids. He was met with a barrage of blaster fire.[3] The three remaining commandos dealt with the battle droids swiftly, while the Trandoshans took cover. One Trandoshan shot and killed the squad's weapon specialist. The sergeant of the squad, RC-1013 "Sarge" avenged the death of his comrade by throwing a thermal detonator and killing two of the Trandoshans.[3] The two remaining members, Sarge and the squad's sniper, turned to leave, when a Trandoshan shot a mini-rocket at the sniper's pack, exploding and killing it's owner and blowing Sarge off his feet. Sarge recovered and chased after the Trandoshan, tackled him, and killed him using his vibroblade. The Squads' mission was a success, but at the price of all commandos save for Sarge. Sarge would go on to lead Aiwha Squad, a squad of commandos that lost their previous squads.[4]


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